Tiffanys Hotel

250-262 North Promenade,Blackpool,United Kingdom

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    Tiffanys Hotel is conveniently located in the popular North Shore area. The property features a wide range of facilities to make your stay a pleasant experience. Service-minded staff will welcome and guide you at the Tiffanys Hotel. Television LCD/plasma screen, heating, telephone, satellite/cable TV, DVD/CD player can be found in selected guestrooms. Access to the hotel's massage, billiards, table tennis, games room will further enhance your satisfying stay. Tiffanys Hotel combines warm hospitality with a lovely ambiance to make your stay in Blackpool unforgettable.


    • Fitness Facility
    • Internet
    • Parking
    • Pets Allowed
    • Restaurant
    • Laundry Services
    • Television
    • Non Smoking
    • Spa
    • Bar
    • Breakfast
  • reviews

    • N

      Reviewed 03 October 2019

      Had a lovely holiday here entertainment fab food good especially breakfast my only concern was the dinning room totally disorganised , I don't understand why the waitresses or waiters don't have there own tables , seems a very confusing system I've worked in hotels before we always had the same guest to look after , you get used to the same waitress it's a shame as it's a cracking hotel staff friendly rooms are clean just the dinning room needs tweaking had a great holiday all the same

    • Nan's 80th birthday

      Reviewed 01 October 2019

      I stayed in this hotel 24th-27th September with my Mum, Sister and Nan. It was a present for her 80th birthday. The staff were really friendly and helpful. The rooms were clean but a little dated and in need of a revamp and looked nothing like the ones on their website. It did seem that they were in the process of doing the hotel up. Our rooms were directly above the lounge bar where the entertainment is performed, this meant that it was really hard to sleep with the constant noise from downstairs, this lasted until about midnight and was rather annoying. The hotel itself was ridiculously hot and we ended up sleeping with the windows open so were also disturbed by the noise of traffic and people outside. The hotel is not very wheelchair accessible/friendly. The ramp is located at the back of the hotel and you enter by a fire door, which isn't wide enough to fit a wheelchair through. There is a lift but it does not go up to the fourth floor. There are lots of heavy doors which made it difficult when using her walker/wheelchair and the corridor floors seemed quite uneven. My Nan loved the sea view room she had and enjoyed sitting looking out the window. Even though the weather was pretty bad she had a lovely holiday which is all that matters.

      Donna R
    • Weekend away from kids

      Reviewed 23 September 2019

      Stayed here for 3 nights the Hotel itself was very clean and we had really good room with 4 poster bed and jacuzzi bath facing sea. Luckily I don't mind window being open at night and I can sleep thru anything but was so hot in room was only choice I slept OK but partner awake all night The bed was very comfy and clean after watching watchdog previous week about Hotel cleanliness that's first thing I checked upon entering room bedding was changed every day and room was really clean Breakfast was really good buffet breakfast so eat as much as want and the scotch pancakes where lovely addition All going well so far eh My partner in electric wheelchair so had to come in thru what seemed like service entrance at back and chair just about fitted the back of the hotel was dirty as this is not on show to the public normally Evening meal wasn't that great although 5 courses the menu seemed a bit aimed towards the older generation of folks were a couple in our 40s The entertainment was something like you expect at budget holiday park like pontins and again seemed to be aimed at over 60s and prices in bar where bad 3.85 for pint of bitter Staff where great and couldn't do enough for you but hotel seemed to be catered toward older people Not far to all attractions about 25 min walk or 5 min on tram so handy location If over 60 this hotel be great but if wanting some more modern entertainment then maybe not for you Give it 4/5

      Carl B
    • Nightly entertainment here

      Reviewed 23 September 2019

      Stayed at this hotel as a surprise break with boyfriend. A rambling older, Victorian property, converted into hotel from many terrace houses (as are a lot of the hotels along this north stretch of the beach). Creaky, uneven floors upstairs and along the corridors add to the feeling of the old buildings. Comfortable beds and amenities were fine, maybe a little updating is needed, but basically all was good about this hotel. The evening dinner was served out in front of you from the 'buffet' bar, by the waiting-on staff who delivered your choices to your table. Food (and plates) hot and plentiful, if you did want more veg or whatever, you only had to ask. 5 courses for dinner. Breakfast was enormous, this time self-service from the buffet bar and again, served hot and fresh. Bar drinks were expensive, though, but hotel bar drinks normally are anywhere. Room was very hot, but staff turned our heating off, when we asked the receptionist the next morning. Parking ...... not too much available, but staff willing to give hints and tips to other parking places if required. As this is a seafront hotel in a premium area, they can be forgiven for having minimal parking spaces (although staff do look after your car keys and can move vehicles during the day if needed). Public rooms and restaurant were also hot, as was the lift! Staff were happy and friendly, both to the hotel guests and each other - cheerful and courteous to everyone. Restaurant 'front of house' Scottish gentleman (didn't catch his name and forgot what his name badge said) was perfectly atuned to his position, engaged with everyone in a cheerful, welcoming manner and was very nice. Kelly C? (also Scottish) was very patient with guests and keen to accomodate boyfriend's yearning for more ice cream at dinnertime....... A lovely place to stay, complete with 'quiet' room, with TV if you wanted it and games room with snooker table/games machines/table games etc. Lots of comfy sofas and chairs in the reception area too, great for chilling out. Long frontage on the seafront, allows clear views of the sea/pier/beach/trams etc. North Beach was a delight, endless sandy beach at low tide and pretty quiet, compared to the busier southern side of the pier. It was just across the road from the front of the hotel and convenient tram stop just up the road. Even spotted a seal bobbing in the sea on our last evening. BEWARE THOUGH - the tide comes in very quickly - the coastal patrol vehicles warn you over their loud speakers about the tide and patrol up and down the seafront. The water will come over the 'concrete stepped area' and they tell you to come up onto the promenade, rightly so. Lovely situation for the hotel, lovely staff 24 hour long - just a little bit too HOT!!!!! But well done, all.

    • Wedding

      Reviewed 19 September 2019

      This will be long but please read if you are considering booking your wedding here. I will start by saying that this hotel was booked for my son's wedding based on Kirsty, the wedding organiser. We viewed a few nicer hotels at similar prices, however, no other premises had a wedding organiser as friendly as Kirsty. Kirsty was amazing from start to finish, she made the whole process very easy and her attention to detail was great. The wedding was only small but we had family travelling from Hungary, Australia and other parts of the UK. Due to this many guests booked 2 nights in the hotel. I live local, but I too chose to stay in the hotel to make things easier. The day before the wedding was our anniversary so thought it would be nice. Upon arrival, we were greeted by an older lady who looked like she didn't want to be there. We were charged for parking which meant that for 2 nights we paid 150 total. We tried to make conversation while she was sorting the keys and paperwork, informing her that it was our wedding anniversary and that we were here for our sons' wedding tomorrow. She didn't offer congratulations or even a smile, she couldn't have been more unfriendly if she tried. Then the room! At first glance, it looked OK, but as we sat on the bed we felt the springs! A further look at the bedding revealed some questionable stains. I took a quick shower as we were heading out for a meal, the shower changed from hot to cold to hot to cold while I was in it and the dirty too long shower curtain wrapped around my feet. I was only in the shower for about 2 minutes but the bathroom steamed up so bad that the mirror was unusable, the fan didn't work. The mirror in the room itself was no good for putting on makeup as there was a huge desk in front of it, and there was no large mirror to look at your outfit. I went up to the brides' mothers room to say hello and was greeted by the stink from the toilet. They said they had called reception and they were going to send someone but nobody had been yet. When we returned to the room from our meal it was so hot that we had to have the window open all night. This meant that we spent the night not only in the worlds most uncomfortable bed but we also had to suffer the usual Blackpool sounds (mopeds and drunken arguments), this meant that on the day of our sons' wedding we had only had 1-hour sleep! What makes it worse is that after speaking with other family members it turned out that we had all paid very different prices for our rooms, I had paid 20 more than my dad who had a sea view room (we didn't have sea view), I had paid a whole 55 more than the brides mother who had the same room as us. As someone who used to run 2 hotels I find this shocking, all guests should have been charged the same price. Now for the wedding day: Breakfast in the hotel is from 8.30 - 10am, the TV room had been booked for the bridal party and mums for hair and makeup from 7.30 am to 11am, this meant that getting breakfast was difficult. We took it in turns to go down for breakfast, me and the maid of honour managed to get down there at 9.45am. When we entered the restaurant we were greeted by a lovely young man who showed us the table, as we approached a certain table he turned to a female member of staff and asked nicely "should I give them this table?", the lady responded in a nasty tone with "well it's empty isn't it?" Once we were seated the lady then spent around 10 minutes berating the poor young man loudly and in full view of all diners. We could not believe the way this "lady" behaved and felt very sorry for the young man, another member of staff did try to come to the defence of him but was also yelled at. The TV room where hair and makeup was done was very hot and we asked to have the radiator switched off but was told that this wasn't possible. Why was the heating on? This ridiculous heat became a theme for the entire day! Kirsty had stated that the Groom was to arrive at 11.30 and she would be there to tell him where he should go in order to keep the bride and groom apart, however, when the groom arrived she was nowhere to be seen. This became the job of myself and the maid of honour to figure out and we had to go and find Kirsty. Getting dressed in the rooms was difficult. When I tried to give my son a shower the shower would not switch back from the bath so we decided to give him a bath instead, but when we turned the cold tap nothing happened! No water came out, we tried the sink and the same thing! We had to use another family members room to get the kids ready. Mirrors were an issue too. I had a chance to go to reception and ask for a room change which was not a problem, we were offered a room with working taps no problem, however, it was very hot, the window would not open and we were told that hotel does not have any fans. Eventually, maintenance fixed the window. Whilst I was at the reception desk I spoke to a man who had changed room 3 times because they were so bad! The wedding ceremony was absolutely perfect, we can not fault this at all and Kirsty was there to make sure everything went smoothly. The room was beautiful. We were then ushered back to the bar so that the room could be rearranged for the wedding breakfast. This is when issues began with some of the staff. Our 20-year-old son had been drinking with no problems all morning, he ordered a pint and went to sit down when a member of staff went up to his table and asked him for ID. He had forgotten to bring it but had a picture on his phone. He works as a barman himself so he does understand the think 25 rule. But as this was a family wedding and it isn't usually issued, he had just forgotten to bring the ID. Kirsty came over and snatched his drink from the table and said he can't have it if he has no id. Our son then asked if he could get a refund for the pint that he had just paid for and was told no! My husband tried to talk to the staff and explain that he was in fact 20 years old and worked in a pub but the staff decided that a civil conversation was not going to happen and started being quite nasty. The meal was just OK, the chicken was very dry and it also felt quite rushed. When it was time for speeches the staff brought out champaign for the toast but made a show of giving half the people lemonade, even those old enough to drink who did have ID. The older blonder lady who was dressed inappropriately to be working a wedding (we presumed that she was Kirstys boss or a manager of some sort) was scowling and looked ready for a fight. I had kept out of the previous conversations regarding alcohol, however, I found this lemonade thing to be shocking. The law in this country says that even those under 18 are allowed to drink under adult supervision with a meal. I approached the older lady and I said simply "the law says..." I was cut off instantly with "I don't care what the law says, they are not having alcohol and if anyone says anything else the lad will be asked to leave". Shocked at this I told her that he is the groom's brother, she responded: "I don't care and if you say anything else to me you will be asked to leave". I said I am the grooms mum and she said she didn't care who I was. I walked away at this point as I did not want to make matters worse, however, other family members had heard her threats and an altercation followed. My sister managed to calm the situation and eventually the speeches were allowed to begin. Throughout the speeches the horrible lady stood at the back of the room scowling, but we ignored her. The bride and groom were taken to the "bridal suite" after the speeches when the room was being rearranged again for the evening do. At some point, someone went back into the room and found the staff looking through the wedding gifts and playing with the groom's guitar! The bridal suite was not a bridal suite at all it was the "four-poster" room with a jacuzzi. It was OK, but there is only a Jacuzzi in there, no shower. The bathroom is big nough to have a shower if they got rid of the pointless bidet. It was a little on the tired tatty side with holes in the wall and chipped old furniture. The evening do was good, however, there were some issues. The music was way too loud and the DJ was asked a few times if the volume could be reduced as it was actually painful to the ears. The room was so hot that for most of the evening most people were outside the front of the hotel getting air, it was unbearable. The Hotel knows that the heat in the Crystal ballroom is an issue as I have been to weddings and Xmas parties quite a few times over the last 10 years and it has always been a complaint. Why can't they invest in air conditioning or some fans? And I ask again, why, oh why was the heating on? It's September but the weather is still warm! One of the bridesmaids who had come from Hungary had prepared a song for the newlyweds as a gift, it was during her emotional performance that the staff thought now is a great time to start bringing out the buffet food, pushing through the guests and not being quiet about it. The buffet was supposed to be for 100 people, that is what they pad for, there were around 50 people in attendance, there was not enough food! The DJ was inappropriate during the Mr and Mrs game, he asked who was the most likely to be arrested, both shot up with Groom answering the same, he asked the bride if the groom had ever been arrested. She was visibly uncomfortable but said a small yes. The DJ then asked what he was arrested for, she said that she wasn't going to answer so he pushed further. Myself, the grooms' dad and other family made it clear here that he was to let it go and move on, however, he continued to push, eventually, the groms dad had to walk up to the stage and tell him seriously to leave it. He should have been able to take the hint from the start that this was not a subject to discuss and certainly not "fun". We thought that the earlier altercation about our son with no ID was all forgotten, however, around 10pm a bar lady walked up to his table, snatched his drink up and smelled it. She asked what he was drinking and he said coke, she accused him of lying! He was clearly upset by this so marched to the bar and asked the barman who had served him what he was drinking, the barman said it was just coke, the lady then apologised. How dare she cause another scene, would it not be more professional of her to go to the barman and ask what he was drinking rather than to approach our son? There is some serious training needed for some of the staff. The poor man was so apologetic, he said it was his fault for giving him coke in the wrong glass, but I personally think he did nothing wrong, it was the woman's fault. Again, I will point out that the experience was not all bad, but the hotel really needs to either update their rooms or stop charging premium prices for low-quality rooms. They also need to give their staff better training or hire better staff.


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