Taca Tucan Hostel

Playa Blanca, Farallon , principal road, near the first Church,Playa Blanca,Panama

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    Taca Tucan Hostel Farallon Panama offers pet-friendly accommodation in Playa Blanca, 30 km from Penonomé. All rooms have a shared bathroom and access to a shared kitchen. Activities such as jet ski, parasailing,paint ball, fishing and horseback riding can be arranged. Also car rental, casino and restaurants in the vecinity. Playa Coronado is 33 km from Ciko Hostel Farallon Panama, while Santa Clara is 3.8 km away. Tocumen International Airport is about 90 minutes' drive away while Rio Hato local airport is just 10 minutes' drive away.


    • Airport Shuttle
    • Internet
    • Parking
    • Pets Allowed
    • Restaurant
    • Laundry Services
    • Television
    • Non Smoking
    • Breakfast
  • reviews

    • Just 100% Disappointing

      Reviewed 04 August 2019

      It was our last night in Hong Kong after a hectic and successful business trip and we wanted to have a great celebratory dinner. So, we thought Inakaya.......how wrong this turned out to be. We knew it was going to be expensive, that was fine.....we planned on that. Bottom line, the food was amazing and met every expectation, as did the amazing views. We had a note with our booking from the hotel that men required a jacket, collared shirt, but ties were options...OK.....when we walked in there was a table of people in Tshirts and 2 in shorts.....that's ok. Then came the first course of the most expensive Teppanyaki menu $4,100HKD......4 types of Sashimi....put in fromt of us and the waitress disappeared......we asked what we were eating and was told Sashimi.....we knew that much......she had no idea what each piece was....there were only 3one was shell fish ( no idea what type) one was kingfish, "I think", the other....no idea. Each course was exactly the same scenario.....food placed in front of you, all by different waiters, except once, and no explanation at all......each course also wasn't on the menu apart from the lobster and beef...as they were "Seasonal". The champagne we wanted was not available, another suggested, brought it to us...totally different year. Anyway, from go to wow....the food was sensational, but the service was not just bad...it was Non-existant and we tried to discuss that with one of the managers, it was surprising how he suddenly couldn't understand english. So unlike all of the service we have received on many, many visits to Hong Kong and many different restaurants With just a little care and personality, this would have been a truly exceptional meal and experience and worth every cent.......unfortunately, and I don't mean this as a joke.....the service at McDonalds is better for fries than at Inakaya....and the staff care more about their customers at McDonalds also.

      Jon M
    • Amazing view & yummy food from the private room

      Reviewed 02 July 2019

      This is a famous restaurant that was originally from the roppongi district in Japan. This one in Shenzhen is located in the tallest building in the financial district. The staff sent us off on the high speed eleveator (54 seconds from the 1st floor to 101th floor) Staff then greeted us and took us to our private room (must meet the minimum of 6000 RMB per room /for the room size that fits about 6 guest) the room has a floor to ceiling glass wall that's slightly tilted, so if you are scared of height, you might not want to book a private room We ordered pretty much everything on the menu, from sashimi, clam to teriyaki The cold sake selection was nice on the drink list great service, beautiful decor, delicious/fresh food I will definitely come back again

      Jennifer S
    • Outstanding food

      Reviewed 12 June 2019

      Japanese kitchen as its best. The interior is a little bit dark but over all a good place to have dinner with a wonderful view.

    • robatayaki as it should be done, very good food and service

      Reviewed 22 May 2019

      we had dinner here, all ingredients are from japan and so are the chefs who have the perfect eye for timing. all dishes were served smooth on their peddles and tasted good. Robatayaki as it should be done

    • Great robatayaki

      Reviewed 18 April 2019

      This Japanese restaurant is located on the 101st floor of ICC, essentially the tallest restaurant in town. With a gorgeous view looking out the window, there are different sections in the restaurant but probably the robatayaki area is the most famous. The staff led us through the cobblestone passageway to this inner part of the restaurant, and we were greeted by two chefs who sat on rattan mats and grilling the food in front of customers, and delivering to them using wooden paddles. After the staff told us the chef's recommendations, we ordered a number of the signature dishes, starting with the Surf Clam or Hokkigai ($320). The size of the clam was really huge, and it was served on a sizzling hot stone, which was perfectly cooked at the right moment when presented in front of us. The flesh was tender, juicy and soft, bursting of freshness and sweetness, and a truly wonderful dish. Very impressive indeed. The second dish we had was another seasonal offering, Bamboo Shoot with Firefly Squid ($380). The bamboo shoot was first prepared in the kitchen (I believe it was blanched) before grilling, and then cut into pieces, served with some bonito flakes (katsuobushi). The bamboo was tender and without any fiber chewing, emanating a slight fragrance. The firefly squids were also nice, another seasonal seafood and rich in flavours. A good match and another great dish. The third dish was Ginkgo ($110). Carefully selected, each of them was of equal size and beautifully grilled. With a squeeze of the lemon juice to add some acidity to bring out the flavours, the ginkgo was not bitter at all, of a nice bite with great texture. It may seem simple, but from how the chef skewered them one by one and checking on when they were ready to serve, all showing the skills and attention paid in making this 'simple' dish. The fourth dish was Skewered Minced Chicken ($90). Another commonly seen grill item, this one was prepared in-house, and I found the proportion of meat and chopped cartilage offered a great texture. The sauce was also nice and on the side there was the half-cooked egg, unlike in other restaurant where the egg was usually raw. Not sure whether it was meant as a dipping sauce, it was a bit puzzling and I also forgot to check it out with the staff. Although this one was another signature I found it less interesting than others. The fifth dish was Grilled Live Tiger Prawn ($350). And even though we arrived early at 7 pm when we placed order there was only one prawn remaining so we had to share. Greatly seasoned with just a little bit of salt before grilling, the flesh and head was really delicate and tasty, without having to squeeze in any lemon juice. My only suggestion was that the prawn could be cut in a different way as it affected how customer could eat it. The sixth dish was Sweet Potato ($150), one of our favorites in the evening. It was first of all very sweet, to the extent making one wonder whether they had been dipped in syrup. There was some butter cream on the side, a rather unique and creative choice, and having the effect of putting butter on the sweet potato without the greasy and heavy mouthfeel, but a light and delicate sensory enjoyment. The seventh dish was a Fish Cake ($85). Light and delicious, this was a nice surprise on how good it was. The cake was intense in flavors and to further enhance the taste, one could add a bit of the mashed turnip and ginger. And overall it was so good that I could finish the whole cake easily. This one was another of my recommendation. The eighth dish was Broad Bean ($170). You might ask what was so special. For one, it was the largest broad bean I had ever seen, maybe 8-10 times the usual size. After grilling the beans were taken out and then we had to remove the skin, before dipping in rock salt to eat. Certainly something interesting but from a flavour point of view it was not particularly special. The ninth dish was another highlight on the evening, the Kinki ($1500). This deep-water fish came from Abashiri in Hokkaido, renown for its scarcity and great taste. The fish was very well grilled, seasoned well with salt on the skin to highlight the delicate taste of the fish. The two of us devoured the whole fish and quite cleanly picked every piece of flesh. It truly deserved to be the signature of the restaurant and even though quite pricey would be a must-order item here. The last dish was Steamed Rice with Crab Meat ($480). The portion was enough for two persons, it was another of my favorite in the evening. There were plenty of crab meat, very good in taste and a natural match with the fish roes, which added some saltiness to the rice to make it even more appealing. This was yet another one I recommend and should not be missed. Near the end of our meal there was a show where the staff showed us how to make rice cake, and the customers were allowed to also try it out. While we did not do that, we were given a dessert made from the rice cake to finish, with some red beans and sugar powder to add to the sweetness and complexity. A really nice finale for the wonderful meal. Service was good but each seat was so close to each other I was hit a few times by the adjacent customer when he moved. But in terms of the decor and ambiance it was very good. The price for the meal was $4,087 which was not cheap but robatayaki is expensive by default and considering the location and quality of food for this restaurant, it is a restaurant I would like to come back again very soon.

      Peter C

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