Olympia Gangneung

39 Jonghabundongjang-gil,Gangneung si,Korea South

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    • Local Italian hospitality

      Reviewed 30 June 2019

      We found this place en-route from Cortina to Lake Garda. The place is full of locals apparently doing their Sunday family gatherings. A very friendly Italian lady just started serving us food and wine- all the food is great and particularly the chicken dish is amazing!! And they kept feeding us food until we were just too full. Definitely feel at home!

    • Unexpected Treasure

      Reviewed 02 June 2019

      My wife and I decided to have dinner here because of the rating in TrioAdvisor. Wow were we surprised at the amount of food. There were no menus, you just sit down and eat what is prepared. I think they brought out between 8-10 different food items from the meat and cheese plate to pasta, garden salad, fried potatoes and meat dish to beef, to risotto to bacon wrapped asparagus and two types of dessert. I know I left a couple items out. Anyway it was a wonderful evening with great food, great service and left very full and satisfied. A dining experience that will be remembered!!!

    • One of the best meals ever

      Reviewed 27 November 2016

      Visited for a family lunch, six adults and a toddler. Although the place was very busy, we were shown to our table very quickly, and the service was excellent. The waiting staff were attentive, catered very well for our little one, and asked us if we wanted more for almost every course. The food was amazingly excellent. Although we didn't get a menu, we were served numerous starters, two first course, two second courses, and a delicious pudding followed by crostata and biscuits. Caf corretto to cap it all, with a bottle of grappa brought to our table from the freezer, to let us correct our own coffees to our own taste. The wine was really good as well, and in plentiful supply. Special dishes were available for our little one, even though she enjoyed quite a few of the adult dishes. The courses came out at the right time, giving us time to prepare for the next one, but never feeling we were being left waiting long. The staff were kind and courteous, and attentive to our needs. The decor was very well refined and welcoming. I would definitely recommend this, and will try and go again I get a chance when I am in the area next time.

    • Rated Number 1 for a reason! This is an experience to enjoy.

      Reviewed 04 June 2016

      Where do I begin, okay from the beginning. My wife and I were staying at the Doubletree Hilton, it was our 5th day in Italy and we were faced with the high probability that we were about to face our 5th meal of Pizza. Don't get me wrong, we had several delicious pizzas from various Pizzerias but enough is enough. It was 8:00pm and our options were almost all up. I opened TripAdvisor and selected restaurants in my local area and there were several but it was Sunday night and options were dwindling. I scrolled thru a couple of places and there were decent choices of .......Pizzerias, ugh..... I decided if I had to eat pizza again I would find the number 1 rated restaurant and I came upon Porca L'Oca, it had 4+ stars and good reviews. I asked Sara the Doubletree front desk rep if she had heard of Porca and she said she had, she had eaten there herself and it was very good, but she thought we definitely would need a reservation. That got me concerned because I was near the end of our vacation budget. Sara spoke to them in Italian and my wife and I thought it sounded argumentative and I thought for sure that we would not be going there. Sara hung up the phone, smiled at me and assured me everything was set and they would be expecting us shortly at Porca's. Note, I took Deutsche in Highschool for 2 years and hadn't any experience with Italian, so now I know that just normally conversation tone for them. Plugged in Porca's address and 10 minutes later we pulled into a dirt road and Google Maps announced we had arrived at our destination. Unfortunately we were between two freshly plowed farmer's fields and no building insight. We kept driving deeper into the farmers land and started to become concerned we were trespassing on somebody's land while in a foreign country. Came around a bend of trees and there were 5 cars parked on side of road next to a very large house surrounded by lush vegetation. We still thought we were on private property but thought we might be able to get directions from the house occupants. Walked up to the door and could hear a large group talking and celebrating, tried the front door but it was locked. Now for sure this was a private residence we thought! I noticed there was a key on the outside of the door, I shrugged my shoulders, turned the key and walked in as the door opened. There were several long tables filled with families and busy servers rushing about. One of the servers noticed us and gave us a friendly gesture to come right in. I held up two fingers and they sat us down and immediately it began..... They immediately brought us a bottle of still water and a bottle of House Cabernet. We tasted the wine and we both looked at each other in amazement because it was so delicious, it was the best wine we had since the start of our Italian visit, maybe ever..... Then they immediately started putting food on our table without ever even asking for our order. My wife and I wondered what we had got ourselves into. With no menu and no prices listed, we assumed that this meal was going to be rather expensive, but the setting and service were so wonderful I thought what the heck you only live once. When the food started coming out, I didn't care anymore. First, brought out a relish tray with bread that was so good and with pickles that were tart and tangy and tasty. The food was more than amazing, every single continuous dish they brought just got better and better, one of the appetizers was some kind of warmed cabbage and artichoke dish that my wife and I had multiple helpings of. Two dishes of pasta then followed, a superb Risotto and a beef stroganoff made with homemade noodles that my Dad would die for. Next was a delicious simple yet very fresh garden salad. Next they brought out a main entree that was a deliciously prepared Guinea Fowl with roasted potatoes, that were so very savory. They attempted to bring us a second full entre but we were just too full. I actually had to go outside and walk around a bit in the rain because I was so absolutely wonderfully stuffed. They brought out an amazingly light and airy Strawberry Cheesecake and this was followed a tray of homemade Italian pastries......somehow we found room for them. To end the gourmet feast, Espresso and ice cold Grappa were served and that was followed by a digestive liquor known as Genziana, at 40% alcohol by weight, wow! I believe Gene Simmons of KISS fame, uses it to blow 20' fire balls during his concerts. Juliana, the proprietor's daughter was so helpful and friendly. Her beautiful Mom is the one who came over with the bottle of Genziana, with a mischievous "Cat who ate the bird" look in her eye We certainly enjoyed our dining experience and will without exception be visiting here again on our next visit to Venice, you should to! Oh and I should mention.... All that fine service, all that fine wine, food, desserts, after dinner drinks and digestifs, all the feeling of being welcome in their humble yet thriving restaurant. For the two of us, $56 euros....... Call and visit first chance you get, tell them Gary and Sara send their warm regards.

    • Great dinner in the Veneto countryside.

      Reviewed 24 May 2015

      While we stayed in Veneto countryside we wanted to try different restaurants that offer traditional local cuisine. Most of such restaurant are part of Agricultural pensions which usually have few rooms and also serve lunch and dinner on weekends on top of all the farm work they usually do during the week. This is one of such restaurants, and I have to say it is a really good one. Such restaurants serve fixed menu several course dinner. In our case we had 4 course dinner. For starter it was cold cuts of smoked and dried pork neck, salami and several cheeses. It was really good. I especially love the italian medium dried salami. Second course was two flavors of pasta - home tagliatelle, one with spicy tomato sauce and the other with goose ragu. Both very tasty and with great texture. Third course was backed goose with rosemary potato and mixes salad. This homegrown goose had a lot of flavor and was prepared really good. On top of that we got beef tagliata on rucola bedding. Quite perfect. The last course was dessert, which was cheesecake with frozen currants and on top of that we got a whole plate of home prepared sweets selection. We got fine red wine with the dinner with the refill included in price. The price was decent of 25 per person. It was well worth it. The restaurant is quite full and they start serving the dinner at around eight so be there on time. We finished at midnight with full tummies and smile on our faces. If you are in the neighborhood do try it out.


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