Mianzhou Kaiyuan Hotel

209 East Jiannan Road, Mianyang, Sichuan Province 0,Mianyang,China

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    • Great location for city views

      Reviewed 01 August 2019

      Its a Thursday, turned up with no reservation and was seated within 15 minutes. The girl on the door, who was allocating tables explained that the BBQ seating was full, so we opted for an outside fried food menu table. Probably got one of the best tables with the best views. This place is popular and gets busy so dont expect quick VIP service, the fruit tea drinks are good and inexpensive, we had to wait a long time for half a crispy chicken, but when it arrived it was worth waiting for, the portions for noodles and greens was big enough for two. This is a chill out place similar to Potato Head on Bali, background music as the sun goes down and Taipei lights up for the night. Paid the bill and the waiter ordered a taxi that arrived within five minutes.

    • Worst junk food since long

      Reviewed 09 June 2019

      We soend the week end in Taipei with friends and decided we wanted a nice view over the city for dinner time. After nearly 45min of taxi ride from the Gd Hyatt - we finally arrived in that place. Coming in 15min from our reservation we had immediately an argument with the staff in order to get our pre reserved table - a VIP room with AC and best view. We opted finally for an outside table - much better then any of these VIP room that look more like a cheap and doggy camping tent experience. Service was appalling - probably students that had no training nor service concepts. We finally ordered food that came in presented on plates that this time were really from the Camping kitchen. We did not venture into fresh seafood rather stayed with cooked and fried dishes. Really not good - more fry then food on everything. The view is nice, the people around are not distinguished not chic by far. Suggest avoid and rather avoid the lengthy road.

    • Night view dinner

      Reviewed 05 May 2019

      Went up to Yangmingshan to have dinner. But most restaurants are having long queue might be due to Saturday. Take the number and was told to wait for 45 minutes. But if intend to have table inside the glass wall or room, it is readily available. Ordered hot pot and barbeque. The weather is cold with the wind blowing. As the night get darker, the view getting better.

    • Birthday celebration

      Reviewed 31 October 2018

      Location: fantastic night views with super nice weather in the evening. Food: kind of restriction on what to order depends on where your seats are, ie outdoor: only stir fried, indoor: only western and BBQ, seats limited our food choice.

    • Dining on top of the world

      Reviewed 04 October 2018

      The night view of Taipei from this establishment is priceless. The dining tent we were in was very comfortable and they serve good Taiwanese cuisine. A wonderful and exhilarating experience each time.


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