Hotel Tayfun

Iskele Yolu Yunuslu Kavsak No 176 Mersin,Anamur,Turkey

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    Located in the town of Anamur, this family-run hotel offers comfortable accommodation with air-conditioned rooms. Its front desk is open for 24 hours and free Wi-Fi is provided in the entire hotel. Hotel Tayfun has modern rooms with light interiors. They all have a private bathroom. TV and a refrigerator are also included in the rooms. The à la carte restaurant serves a variety of delicious dishes including fish, grilled meat, chicken and salads. Guests can also taste a cup of traditional Turkish coffee. Tayfun Hotel is 150 metres from the Mediterranean Sea. Anamur town centre is just 2.5 km away with markets and cafes, and buses to town centre are available in every 20 minutes. Gazipasa Airport is 90 km away.


    • Airport Shuttle
    • Internet
    • Restaurant
    • Laundry Services
    • Television
    • Non Smoking
    • Bar
    • Breakfast
  • reviews

    • Excellent value for money

      Reviewed 11 July 2019

      This hotel was such good value for money and in a great location just a short walk from the beach. Close to many restaurants and shops. Good size rooms and bathrooms, large balcony with table and chairs. There is powerful air conditioning, a fridge and flatscreen TV. There is no lift to the rooms. The rooms were cleaned every day and free bottles of water provided. Great breakfast, vast selection of breads, olives, tomatoes, cucumber, fried aubergine, chips, boiled eggs, all different cheeses, butter, honey and plenty of different fruit. You can have omelette made to order and fresh tea and coffee. The staff couldnt do enough for you, so helpful and would even provide a car to take you where you needed to go!

    • Great place, the many good points overrule any problems in this well priced, friendly staff especially the boss, Tayfun

      Reviewed 12 November 2018

      8-9/11/18 - We three middle aged British guys are in our last few days in Turkey as far East as we can get from Antalya. We came to see the Mamure Castle and Roman Ruins in Anemurium nearby. We arrived at the hotel, at around 12:10 on the Thursday 8th, having met Tyfun himself the previous evening when we ate in his good restaurant (see later) and promised to return the next day. We had been staying in the newish Yagmur the night before (long story but unlisted on TA so irrelevant!) and found this was cheaper (but unbookable online) and we three could stay in the same room although Tayfun tried to sell us two rooms initially as he is a salesman (but most places elsewhere were happy, usually as we booked online through Hotels dot com - as B . C is banned in Turkey). We had not set a time for our coffee meeting with T but when we did arrive he let us know we were 'late', although as far as we were concerned we were meeting him after a relaxed Yagmur breakfast, 1km walk and after his busy breakfast period. We were offered one room with a double and single bed but it was not ready. We wanted to walk to the castle and have a swim so he said it was fine to leave our bags in the room and return later. We checked the room 202 and it was fine but obviously needing cleaning after the previous guests had left. We dropped the bags in the cupboard and went at 12:15 to find an ATM on the beachfront and then onto our five mile round trip walk. We returned at around 5:30pm to find the young keen (practicing English although mixed with French and German) young man on the desk who sent us up to room 101 by mistake (identical made up room but no bags in wardrobe, sudden panic!) and we eventually got to 202. Room 202 was a medium sized corner room with a big window with a door onto the large balcony with five chairs and a fair size table shich was used for a simple self catering meal with bread and stuffed vine leaves bought from the BIM opposite across the road. The central lamp was controlled from inside. An external electricity socket would have been useful for keeping devices charged whilst using the strong wifi outside. On the beds were two sets of towels which were clean and fresh but surprisingly damp. We aired and dried them anyway and were happy with four between the three of us as more environmentally friendly. The TV turned out not to be working at all, despite all my attempts. It was not so important though. There was an efficient, quiet and new A/C unit too with an electrical socket with a three way multiadapter between the beds. No smoke detector or sprinkler was evident or directions to fire escape on the back of the door(as tends to be common anyway). On settling in we found that the wifi was quite good in the room and balcony when it was working but it had frustrating outages which were probably more the responsibility of the general area than the hotel. The shower-room was relatively big, centrally lit with a powerful hot shower in a big shower space. The right hand shaving light over the sink was not working as the light bulb holder innards had broken. A hairdrier was supplied by the sink, wrapped soap tablets and shampoo and shower gels in the shower. The bedroom was lit by a central light with switchable bedside lamps. The beds were quite comfortable. In the late evening the internet collapsed (wifi routers were still working) so I tried to get someone at reception to reboot the hub but no-one was around for ages as I got attacked by mosquitoes and watched Al Jazeera news on the huge lounge tv by the reception. Eventually someone came in laden with eggs and I asked if they could reboot the hub. He could not speak English, checked the connection but could not do anything about it. Eventually at about 01:00 the internet reappeared so indicating a townwide problem ikko" A few bangs and crashes overnight but in general we slept well on the firm comfortable beds under duvets (the climate is cooler in Anamur) although the (as usual up with dawn) diaphanous curtains let the bright orange streetlight light into the room. Bring eye shades if worried about reluctant early mornings. Breakfast was in the restaurant and was a feast to the eyes and tastebuds! I had read about it as being more than the usual but this was a spread full of the usual plus what would be meze in the evening (cooked mixed vegetable, a flavoursome cooked spam & veg dish, tasty cheese and spinach filled flatbreads, as well a extras like real honeycomb, huge bunches of flat leaved parsley & romayne lettuce, big bowls of honey & other fruity preserves and a modern machine offered a variety of hot drinks, including hot chocolate. The staff were busy attending to the diners' needs, clearing as plates were finished and topping up the dishes and fruit bowls as it was quite busy when we arrived at 8.50 and we were the last to eat at 9:40 although a couple came just after. There were also no flies to be seen, which was encouraging! An ornate hot water urn with tea pots on top. On our last day in Anemur we wanted to see the ruins. Tayfun said there were no off season buses, only taxis or he could take us in his car, return a few hours later and then drop us to the coach station/otogar all for 100TL, cheaper than any taxi. I calculated the journey to was 10km to the ruins and it was certainly convenient. He said he often did it for guests. We took him up on his offer and had an interesting, well driven, journey taking short cuts and making conversation. After dropping us at around 12:20 we arranged a pickup at 3 and then he took us back direct to the coach station so we could make our way back to Alanya. Unfortunately I left one of my bags in his boot which is a whole story about my retrieving them (relating to Hotel Kleopatra Bebek). I am typing this on the return coach on a windy coastal road after picking the bag up from the friendly keen young employee on his motorbike (who offered me a lift all the way as a pillion passenger which I politely refused as he would have been in demand at the restaurant) at the banana shop opposite the coach station. Tayfun's Restaurant should have a separate listing in TA as it was our first encounter with the establishment. I shall review it briefly here. We had checked in the night before to (unlisted so not reviewing) Yagmur after a very long walk (laden with our 6kg rucksacks and no buses in sight) down the (wrong) road from near the bus station. The lack of hotels on the beach that West end forced another long march to the first place that looked available which turned out to be 'full' (i.e. not bothered) so the boss there drove us to his friend at a high price in Yagmur. We knew no better, paid the price, for two rooms (we did not want and well above what Hotels dot com quoted). After checking in we walked another km to the busy East end of town where we found Tayfun so we could book the next night there. On entering at around 8pm we were welcomed by a big friendly guy who introduced himself as Tayfun, obviously the boss! We discussed our next night's stay there with him, referring to Hotels dot com prices but he said the prices were impossible and he offered us two rooms (they seem not to like three in a room here) in a sister hotel close by for more than h.c but less than Yagmur. He told us to return in the morning to sort. In the meantime we noticed the hotel restaurant was quite busy which was a good sign. We were tired after the lengthy walk and stress so we decided to not go any further and eat there and then. We took a table inside (too cold outside) and Tayfun outlined that there was no menu as everything changed frequently. He showed us the cold chiller display and we decided on three whole fish (30 each) but he pushed the small fresher sardines (25) instead, saying the fish was farmed. He then offered us to name a budget and he would feed us accordingly. As we had eaten very cheaply lots of food in many places elsewhere my friend said 100 which Tayfun scoffed at saying that would just be the main courses alone. We raised it to 120 which he was happier with. We also ordered three Tuborg beers at the usual 15 each. He confirmed with my friend what he wanted, a whole fish, and speaking to our friend only convinced him to get the sardines. Our friend does no like being pressured into anything and relented to having something he was not keen on. I was not consulted. Off Tayfun went and at 8:18 the young keen waiter came with three beers and three bottles of water (I ignored mine as I usually do not drink water with food) and at 8:40 Tayfun himself spread six well sized trays of chilled meze out for us (including mashed potatoes, green chillies, beans, aubergines) plus some wedges of lemon and a large bunch of fresh mint! We delved into that as we were hungry and it was tasty. Then at 8:54 a huge plate of chopped tomato, onion and lettuce salad arrived along with fresh sliced bread. The salad was seeped in a tasty dressing and tasty. My friend's whole fish also arrived and he started it, enjoying it as it was tasty too. Another bottle of beer was ordered to share. At 9pm a large plate of around 20 thin batter fried sardines arrived on a bed of green chopped lettuce, along with thick sliced moolie and yet more lemon wedges. They were very tasty and our friend and I shared them with gusto, expecting to share my own fish later. The food was going down well but I felt my dish was taking a bit too much time. I called the young waiter to ask for Tayfun who came over and when he did I asked about my fish. He said that he had given two of us a large plate of sardines put in the middle to share. Obviously there had been some confusion. The plate was generous as I said to him, then he said if we were not happy he would cook us some more, which we accepted. In good time a small but good portion was delivered which we finished completely, along with the bread and mint. We were quite content, my friend ordering a tea and the bill. Tayfun came over to check we were happy and we asked to settle the bill. He started with the 120 set price, added the four beers we had (50) and then added two bottles of water which was a surprise (most non touristy places we have been to just serve it free automatically). He gave us the tea for free though. The total was 186 so we gave him 200 including service which he was happy with. We still left very sated happy, bidding farewell and good luck to the PE teachers. It was an excellent meal despite the misunderstandings and extra water. Whilst we were dining in the quite busy restaurant we were introduced to a bunch of guys on a neighbouring table who were curious about where we were from. It turned out that most of the guests were PE teachers doing an exam locally, staying in this affordable hotel. The next evening the restaurant was closed we found, so maybe only opens when there is a demand. Overall Tayfun keeps a tight, efficient and friendly crew and his generosity at breakfast and evening meal (if you can get it) overcomes any niggling shortfalls about the room and his attitude (just do not be late pin every decision down to a fine degree) and he is a businessman but with a heart who will help out and give advice as necessary. He is #2 in the hotel league (and would probably be very high in the restaurant league too if his restaurant were listed). On our travels in the town we met people who knew him so he must be quite a local character! I have Whatsapped him from London now we are back and he replied sending his regards to my friends. 5/5!

    • Good value, friendly and a good breakfast

      Reviewed 10 November 2018

      Good value budget hotel esp in November, friendly staff and the owner Tayfun was very helpful even gave us a lift, and we were surprised by a very good breakfast in the morning, lots of choices of vegetables , yes i like vegetables at breakfast, there was cheese egg etc too... In middle of the smallish resort area and walkable to the castle ruins ( open easy access ruined parts if you have good shoes but museum bit is closed Nov 2018)

    • Nice hotel

      Reviewed 21 September 2017

      Very friendly and helpful staff in the hotel! Rooms were average, and could be kept a bit better - but breakfast was really good. The hotel is pet-friendly, we went with our dog and a friendly little kitten kept following us around.

    • Another gem

      Reviewed 12 September 2014

      My wife and I are doing a road trip through south and central Turkey and in our travels have been guided extensively in where to stay by TripAdvisor. On our journey we've come across a few gems and we hit another one yesterday - the Tayfun hotel in Anamur. It has everything you could want at a very reasonable price. The owner speaks fairly good English and is friendly and helpful. There is a very good restaurant at the hotel so no need to go out for dinner. The room we had, had a large balcony, was clean, quiet and everything worked. If it had a pool I would have given it a 5. Excellent value for money and I would recommend it to anyone.


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