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42, Place Pierre Smard,Ales,France

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    • Tuscan in West Village

      Reviewed 04 September 2019

      Small restaurant in West Village. Difficult to get a reservation but bar seating is first come, first serve. Went early on Tuesday night. Host was really accommodating, seating us at bar. We shared a small antipasta, as well as the cacio y pepe and lasagna. Cacio y pepe was outstanding, the perfect amount of pepper. The lasagna, while very good, didn't live up to the hype, in my opinion. To be fair, I like a saucier version, and this came as advertised. I know others who have had it and loved it. The Sangiovese wine, roughly $80, was excellent. Bill was $190 before tip, pricey, but typical for NYC and that neighborhood. Certainly worth a try. The only drawback was out bartender/server. While professional, he was not overly hospitable.

      Bill B

      Reviewed 21 July 2019

      We gave this place a second chance last night, and it was even worse than the first experience. Please allow me to explain: On the first try we showed up without a reservation, and joined the queue about 20 minutes before they opened. We were able to get in and were offered 2 seats at the bar. The bartender was a bit cold and stand-offish, but we shrugged it off as the drinks were good and so was the food. Until dessert. I ordered the tiramisu, and was presented with: cheesecake. I wish I had taken a photo. I'm Italian and have eaten many versions of tiramisu, but this was literally a mascarpone cheesecake - a microscopically thin layer of sponge beneath 2 inches of thick, flavorless mascarpone cheese. Where were the coffee and liqueur elements? The ethereal texture? They were elusive! I nicely informed the waiter, with a gentle tone and a smile on my face, saying "I'm sorry, but this is a mascarpone cheesecake, not tiramisu." ***** He said nothing, abruptly snatched the dish, tossed it in the garbage behind the bar, and proceeded to hand us our check. ***** Not a single utterance along the lines of "I'm sorry you were disappointed ... May I offer you something else?" Needless to say, that night, literally and figuratively, left a bad taste in my mouth! Now, being Italian (and having been to Tuscany twice this year already), I'll admit it IS hard to find good Tuscan food in NYC, and since the pastas were acceptable that first night, we decided to give i Sodi a second chance. We showed up around 6 PM and put our names on the list, leaving our cell phone number with the maitre d. We then headed to one of their sister establishments, Bar Pisellino (Via Carota is the other), where we spent over an hour and consumed 4 drinks, which weren't cheap of course. During that time, we received a text message from i Sodi informing us that our table would be ready "in about 35 minutes" and asked us to reply with a confirmation. We promptly responded "confirmed," and awaited a follow-up text informing us that our table was ready. Well, about 40 minutes later we hadn't received that text, and so we walked back to i Sodi to see how much longer it would be. What happened next? Why I'm so glad you asked! **** We were "greeted" by a CONTENTIOUS, HAUGHTY man, who said, in an annoyed tone "We texted you over half an hour ago and you didn't show!" Perplexed, we politely explained that we misinterpreted the "in about 35 minutes" text as a ballpark estimate, and expected we would receive a final text informing us the table was actually READY. A seemingly understandable interpretation don't you think? Well, upon offering that explanation and inquiring as to why they didn't send a follow-up text we were curtly informed "That is NOT i Sodi's WAY!" **** We walked out. GET OVER YOURSELVES! You are NOT IMPERVIOUS to customer service. It will catch up with you. MY ADVICE: Avoid i Sodi, Via Carota, and Bar Pisellino, and patronize establishments that treat their customers like human beings.

      Jennifer C
    • A Great Meal If You Can Get It

      Reviewed 13 July 2019

      I made this reservation about a month in advance without knowing who I would bring. Thankfully, I Sodi is quite a hot spot and I easily convinced my friend/co-worker to come with me. We were told that the cacio e pepe and artichoke hearts couldn't be missed and that the food was going to be very authentically Italian. We both worked in an upscale Italian-American restaurant at the time, so our expectations were set pretty high, I'll admit. We started with the artichoke hearts and another appetizer (it was rather unremarkable so I can't remember what it was), which were good, but not as to die for as I had hoped given the rave reviews I'd seen and heard. For the main course we shared three pasta dished: lasagna (vegetarian), the famous cacio e pepe, and the pappardelle al limone. I liked the lasagna because it had great texture and subtle flavor, but my friend thought it was a bit boring. The cacio e pepe was very good, but we both agreed it wasn't the best we'd ever had. And the pappardelle al limone, probably the one we both agreed we would order again, was refreshingly light. The waiter was fantastically kind to us, something which we appreciated since we were used to being on the service end of things. We left full and happy, but perhaps a month of build up had given us somewhat unrealistic expectations. Worth the experience if you don't have to try too hard to get a res and want a little taste of Italy in New York (you can alternatively try Via Carota, which is their other restaurant).

    • Great pasta!!

      Reviewed 13 July 2019

      Very good, home made pasta! Cosy place but a bit high noise level. Try to get at reservation or be there by opening and queue for one of the bar seats.

    • One of the best italian restaurants in NYC

      Reviewed 25 March 2019

      It is hard to get a reservation in this cosy italian restaurant. Because we were exactly 5pm at the door we were able to secure two seats at the bar. The very friendly and helpful bartender did a great job looking after us. We had a tasty bottle of Barbera (red italian wine), a small plate of antipasti as a starter (delicious and enough for two) and as a main home made pasta and a delicious rabbit. Again we were not disappointed with I Sodi. It's one of our top 5 restaurants in New York and the qualitiy of the foods is just fantastic and also reasonably priced (the restaurant is only open for diner).


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