Daylight Hostel

No. 38-10, Jimuwu,Magong,Taiwan

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    Situated in Magong, 3.3 km from Qingwan Cactus Park and 4.3 km from Penghu Living Museum, Daylight Hostel offers accommodation with free WiFi and a shared lounge. All units at the homestay feature air conditioning and a cable flat-screen TV. A terrace with sea views is offered in each unit. Daylight Hostel offers a sun terrace. A bicycle rental service is available at this property. Penghu South Sea Visitor Centre is 5 km from the accommodation, while Penghu Zhongyang Old Street is 5 km from the property.


    • Airport Shuttle
    • Internet
    • Parking
    • Laundry Services
    • Television
    • Non Smoking
    • Breakfast
  • reviews

    • Great Spa!

      Reviewed 08 June 2019

      This spa is located in the Metropolitan Spa and Hotel in Delhi. Many options for massages, very professional, good prices. I enjoyed my spa experience and felt rejuvenated.

      David P
    • Meh. And watch out for sneaky over charges.

      Reviewed 25 January 2019

      Visor, I put a 2 1/2 hour spa package, which included a body scrub, a massage, and a shirodhara. There is a quick shower and a 5 min steam afterwards too. On the phone, the spa receptionist quoted me a price of Rs.8500 for a 2 1/2 hour package. Upon arrival, after selecting my package, they quoted me a new price of Rs.11,095. When asked about the discrepancy, all three ladies at the reception desk gave me blank stares. Already committed to a day at the spa, I would Linton excepted the new price. I was soon to talk to room, asked to address, I was showing to my massage room while donning a nice fluffy warm rope. That was nice. Unfortunately, when my scrub began, there was no warning that she will be using sugar *crystals* instead of regular salt granules as she proceeded to buff off at least two layers of me. My requests for less pressure went and heat it. After just grab, I thankfully was led to the shower surrounds off. My skin was tender to the touch while in the shower. Then came a massage. It was actually a decent Massage, which was diminished only buy my frequent requests for more pressure and the fact that the therapist has her either calloused or she had a hangnail because something done scraping against my already tender skin. They let me into the shower for her second rinse, then a quick five minute sauna. Overall the spa was decent. However, when I finally looked at the receipt upon returning back to my hotel, I saw they had actually charged me An additional Rs.900, so we started out as an Rs.8500 spa day ended up being a Rs.11,900 day. I honestly dont think the price was outrageous if I gotten a fantastic experience and theyre all charges were upfront. But, given the mishaps and the overcharge, I cannot recommend this spa.

    • Most unrelaxing experience at a Spa

      Reviewed 28 November 2018

      I arrived at the hotel that this Spa is located in early in the morning. Having read good reviews here, I decided to try the 2 1/2 hour NeoVeda Journey. It states that the Spa starts at 7am. When I walked in at 8:30am, the spa was pretty empty, and the person who was busy cleaning needed to fetch the receptionist, which took a while. Eventually, I got a reservation at 9am. When I came back at 9am, I was told to take a steam sauna for 5~6 minutes. The steam room is in the back of the restroom and very very loud. After the steam sauna, I was escorted to the waiting area because they needed to prepare the scrub. I had waited for good 20+ minutes (not sure exactly because I put everything including my phone in the locker) and had finished reading 2 magazines by the time they came back to take me to the room. It didn't start with the scrub. It started with a full body massage - the order was different from the description but I didn't have a problem with this. While I was getting the massage, I could hear people loudly chatting about something and mixing scrubs? I have a feeling that they were waiting for the therapist to arrive when I was in the waiting room, not making scrubs but I wouldn't know for sure. Massage wasn't great but good enough. After the full body massage, the scrub happened. After the scrub, I was told to take a shower to wash the scrubs off. She said she was going to wait outside for when I'm done but I couldn't find anybody. I also couldn't find any facial moisturizer so my skin got very very dry. There were body lotions though. Someone else took me back to that waiting area and, there, i finished reading the rest of the magazines that they had. They had four magazines in total including a catalog of Hotel Spas in India. Finally, my therapist came and took me to a different room for Shirodhara. The temperature of the oil was somewhat inconsistent but she started giving me head massage and I was starting to enjoy it when someone came knocking on the door. The therapist told me that she needed to attend another client and that there will be a different therapist to complete the remaining 15 minutes of Shirodhara massage. My eyes were masked so I couldn't see anything but assumably, the new therapist came in and resumed pouring the oil to my forehead. No head massages. The temperature of the oil was very very inconsistent from cold to scorching hot. When I told her that it's very hot, she didn't remove it while she made it less hot. By then, I almost gave up on the whole experience. She then asked me whether I was feeling relaxed. Really?? The whole massage was wrapped up very haphazardly and when she removed my mask, I saw that the 'therapist' was the same person as the receptionist. I don't know whether she doubles as a therapist but she needs more training. When I picked up my phone, it was well past 12:20PM. If she were an actual therapist, why didn't she go to attend to the other client instead of the one who was already / still engaged with another client when the delay was the fault by the spa? When I was back at the reception (eventually they couldn't process the credit card there and added it to my hotel bill), they gave me a feedback form which I responded honestly and they started reading them right away right there. Still, there was no apology / excuse or anything and I was charged in full. I honestly can't understand what was wrong that morning but it was the most harrowing experience I've ever had at a spa.

    • Where the old mingles with the new for an unforgettable experience

      Reviewed 26 August 2018

      I would suggest going for the signature ones. I went for the NeoVeda Journey which was a complete head to toe, scrub to shower treatment. The treatment takes two and a half hours but I kept a good four hours with me. And I was glad about that. The scrub had a very fresh and rejuvenating fragrance. Absolutely pure essential oils with therapeutic qualities are used. Besides relaxation, this journey stimulates the cells and tissues and promotes secretion of hormones. It helps combat muscle stiffness and relaxes the lymphatic system. Not only are the therapists polite, they are also good at the massages. You can state your preference. Showered after the scrub, it was time for a massage. Avono from Nagaland went about her task with a lot of patience and was not in any hurry. The journey ended with Shirodhara. This 30-minute process completely washed out the last remaining stress. As the oil slowly poured over my forehead, I slipped into a relaxed sleep. There is steam to blend in the oil completely. The end result is a relaxed body, mind and spirit, and a soft, smooth skin. The effect of this treatment lasted for a good two days with complete ease of movement and disappearance of all the pains and aches.

    • a good massage experiece

      Reviewed 04 August 2017

      A bit overpriced. I and my husband went for a couple spa. We inquired about the services over phone call and they said that there would be massage and then bath. As per our understanding, in a couple spa the bath means the couple-time of bathing together. As we have already had the best couple spa experience at Maldives before we expected this to be on the same lines. However, it wasnt that fancy. Its too simple. Goods: - the massage- they know the technique. they would ask your problem areas and work accordingly. the massage was rejuvenating. - the ambiance - lighting and comfort was perfect. However, I would appreciate some slow relaxing music. Bads; - Price - we paid 8000 Rupees for a massage of 45 mins. It is quite over priced. - Couples should get their personal time after the massage - in our case we were sent to our respective washrooms to get a shower, and there was no personal time. - Hot towel was missing - Post massage I would appreciate a Hot towel cover - this would have added to the relaxation. - Could have been more fancy - like a bottle of wine, chocolates, strawberries etc. to make the couple feel special. this can be arranged beside a common Jacuzzi for the couple. Overall - you can go only for massage coz its their biggest plus point.

      Deepali M

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