Clubhotel Riu Karamboa

Lote HO-1, Urb. Morrinho De Baguincho Praia de Salines,Sal Rei,Cape Verde

  • Experience World-class Service at Clubhotel Riu Karamboa

    If you've always dreamt of seeing the fascinating landscape of the volcanic areas of Boa Vista, Cape Verde, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, the new ClubHotel Riu Karamboa (All Inclusive 24h) complex gives you the opportunity. The ClubHotel Karamboa, situated on an endless white sandy beach with crystal clear water, offers the best views of this area full with dunes that touch the shore. The massive fresh water swimming pool as well as the Jacuzzi, sauna and “Renova Spa” wellness centre will make your stay as pleasant as possible. In the ClubHotel's buffet restaurant we have prepared the best cuisine just for you. If you'd like to sample international flavours from different corners of the world, don't miss the different themed restaurants on offer at the hotel. The 24h All Inclusive system keeps you entertained all day long. Adults and children alike can enjoy the organised activities to have fun as a family, couple or with friends. Meanwhile, the RiuLand club ensures the little ones have a ball enjoying the best entertainment programme. Considering the region's desert-like appearance, it's hard to believe that these shores were once covered in vegetation. However, recurring droughts and a poor agricultural policy have reduced Boa Vista and Cape Verdean to a dry, almost lunar landscape. Nonetheless, it hasn't stopped the island being full of locations with spectacular beaches such the Playa de las Tortugas (turtle beach), Chaves beach, Santa Monica beach and the cemetery of dolphins. You mustn't miss the various excursions you can go on in the vicinity of the ClubHotel. Boa Vista is undoubtedly a destination for relaxation, not to mention the excellent service you can expect from RIU Hotels.


    • Fitness Facility
    • Internet
    • Parking
    • Pets Allowed
    • Restaurant
    • Swimming Pool
    • Laundry Services
    • Television
    • Non Smoking
    • Spa
    • Bar
    • Currency Exchange
    • Breakfast
    • Lounge
  • reviews

    • Nor My Jam

      Reviewed 16 September 2019

      I WAS UNDERWHELMED BUT READILY UNDERSTAND WHY SOME PEOPLE THINK IT THE ANTS PANTS. For a start many visitors only see a beach once a year so that any strip of wide silica flanked by sparkling ocean floats their boat. Whereas Im a bit blas as a beach blogger with over 3 million hits Ive spent time on thousands of beaches over the years and it takes something pretty special to get me enthusiastic. And Im afraid long featureless beaches like SURFSIDE, backed by low dunes covered with boring dune grass aint special (aint terrible either just very average the US east coast has hundreds). I like my beaches shortish and book-ended by headlands, their rock platforms probably containing some interesting pools. And backed by forest-covered hill or mountain sides, or at least high scrub/forest covered dunes. Secondly, many more discerning US beach-goers actually prefer the sense of space offered by big open endless beaches like SURFSIDE and when they find one will fire in a gushing report like many on this page. MORE ABOUT THIS BEACH Its actually a section of the very long strip of sand which lines the islands southern coast different sections are given their own names eg FISHERMANS BEACH is to the east and MIACOMET to the west. Width and gradient varies along this coast but at SUNSET it is plenty wide and relatively flat. Sand is fairly fine and a more yellow-grey-brown than the white stuff you find in say JAMAICA. The exception is near the long access path thru the dunes where some dirt and stones from the parking area pollute the sand. Surf was benign the days I visited but facing the open ocean means conditions can vary markedly. So it is good that this beach has lifeguards. All the same, watch your kids carefully, they can get into trouble so quickly. The lifeguards may be distracted by those hot college girls and not notice junior streaking for PORTUGAL in the rip current de jour**. I found the water pretty clear, the temperature around 70F (nice) which is normal for late summer, and gentle shelving of the ocean floor. But the latter can be changed quickly by stormy seas. The access path thru the low boring dune area is at least 200m long, has a lot of small stones and some sharp grass seeds, so footwear is recommended. At the inland end is a sizeable car park, some dressing sheds and a food concession which I thought expensive for pretty ordinary tucker. Around back is a taco truck and some picnic tables. The beach bus from town (every 40 mutes 10.00-17.40) terminates in the car park. Plenty of bicycle parking nearby. There was a good crowd both days I visited about 400m east was another group of people, no doubt where a track or road accessed the sand and 600m west a bunch of offroad vehicles had parked up on the sand and were having beer and bbq tailgate parties. I think they had accessed via HILLSIDE AVE which is sandy/rough its beach end. **if caught in a rip current and exhausted simply tread water (minimal effort activity) and let it carry you out the back. Even the biggest rips dissipate less than 200m off the sand. Its nice out there and you will soon be noticed. Dont try to swim against a rip, you cant. If not exhausted swim across - rips are narrow. Dont try to rescue others too many people drown trying to save friends and family. Alert the lifeguards who have rescue and surf skills.

    • We were too ambitious. Don't do what we did.

      Reviewed 15 September 2019

      We parked as close as we could legally find near Miacomet and tried to walk/bike down to Surfside towing two young children in a buggy on the wet sand near the surf. We soon found it was way more effort than it was worth. Didn't even stop to enjoy the beach, although we chatted briefly with some friendly naturalists. Got to Surfside, dog tired, and unhitched the buggy. I biked on the roads and trails back to our car, and then came back for the family.

      Sam S
    • Awesome!

      Reviewed 04 September 2019

      We've been to Nantucket many times and always have to visit Surfside Beach just to sit and watch the waves. I don't know what it is about Surfside, but I always feel closer to God when I'm there. It's awesome!

    • Beautiful and easy to visit: Surfside beach

      Reviewed 09 August 2019

      This beach is beautiful like most if not all of Nantucket beaches but it has the added benefit of being able to rent beach chairs and umbrellas and having a yummy snack bar (try the chicken avocado sandwich and blueberry mint lemonade - so good!) and taco truck and good bathroom and changing facilities. Key feature later for day trippers or weekend visitors who are on the island without a lot of provisions. The surf is pretty fierce though so be aware of the flag conditions. Life guards on duty til 5 pm I think but snack shack and bathroom stays open later which is nice. And- its not ever too busy, even on what was probably one of the hottest weekends of the summer.

    • Great Nantucket Beach

      Reviewed 07 August 2019

      Surfside is one of my favorite beaches. It's great for early morning and evening walks with the dogs and day trips with the family. The burgers at the snack shop don't disappoint and the taco truck offers a chance from typical beach snacks.


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