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Cuesta de Loreto #24,San Miguel de Allende,Mexico

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    • Top notch trek company

      Reviewed 22 June 2019

      I have nothing but positive words to describe this company run by two brothers, with one of whom I had the opportunity to travel 4 days on the el Camino trail. I went in seeking adventure and exited with more, much more. Jim rocks and is cool to hang with and shoot the st, very easy going. His Brother Rick stood by with support from the beginning to the end. All good, DO IT!!! But only with these me!!!

      David L
    • 4 day Chagres National Park crossing with Jungle Treks

      Reviewed 06 February 2019

      El Camino Real experience definitely exceeded my expectations. The luscious jungle, the spirited guides with their stories about gold, Spaniards and pirates, made me see those places through the eyes of the first white people who set foot in that part of the world. The trail was really well organized to its smallest details and made me feel excited but safe in a wild and absolutely gorgeous jungle. Our guide, Rick, told us about the Spanish empire that used the trail to send gold and silver from Peru to Spain, crossing the isthmus of the Americas. Today you can still find the original cobblestone on different parts of the trail. I strongly recommend this astonishing experience, in my opinion, an authentic and breathtaking thing to do in Panama. Chagres National Park is also impressive, full of rivers and waterfalls, monkeys, sloths, many species of birds, macaws, tracks of jaguars and tapirs. And lets not forget about the amazing pools, where you can swim and cool down from the warmth of the jungle. For those who want to spend more than 4 days in the jungle, there is also a 7-8-day expedition organized by Jungle Treks in the Darien jungle. While I was in Panama, there was no availability for this expedition, but Ill definitely book my next trip to Panama with the extensive Darien experience in mind.

    • Unique discovery tour of the CAMINO REAL organized by Christian Strassnig

      Reviewed 16 August 2018

      My family (my wife and I and our two daughters) were interested to learn more about the recently re-dicscovered CAMINO REAL. We found the address of Christian Strassnig ( in our Panama guidebook and honestly spoken the tour was the highlight of our time in Panama. Christian is the person who had re-discovered the trail from 2008 to 2013 together with people living in the village of Quebrada Ancha. He organized for us an one-day trip to a village commune which was deeply involved into the re-discovery of the famous CAMINO REAL. We met our translator and wonderful guide Lucia in Paraso, a small village close to the Panama canal and went together by car to Nuevia Vigia. Here we met two people from the village (Molina and Esteban) which took us by boat to the village Quebrada Ancha. Alone the 60 minutes trip by dugout canoe over the lago Alajuela was an exciting experience. We were warmly welcomed by the people of the village and started our tour to the CAMINO REAL. We were 7 people: My family, Lucia and two local guiders Molina and Esteban which led to a very intensive and comprehensive information about the history of the trail. It was not only the trail but also the rain forest with its huge biodiversity of wildlife which had fascinated us. It was exciting to learn more about e.g. tropical plants and their strategy to protect against herbivores and to listen to the sounds of the rainforest and to see the soloists in their natural settings which is so different from what we know from good old Europe. At least it was a trip into another world and the day ended with a delicious dinner (fresh fish with baked bananas) and a dance presentation of local kids showing us the local tradition of dancing. It was nothing artificial presented for 100 or so tourists a day, it was really authentic and we had the impression that we were welcomed all time! We stayed at the village in tents over the night and the last thing I heard before I felt asleep was an orchestra of unique rain forest soloists. The next morning we headed for an Embera community, where our adventure continued... The tour was not a bargain but the price is fair and every dollar worth. We would do it again and highly recommend it!

    • 4 Day Jungle Dream

      Reviewed 09 February 2018

      I could not imagine anyone better than Rick Morales to take you into the jungle. Even better, he will also guide you out of it! In the process, your senses will be treated to constant delights and surprises as you waddle thru rivers, hike up mountains and fall asleep surrounded by an ambient set Max Ritcher would be proud of. Rick's knowledge, passion for his job, organizational skills, the team he works with and the preparation before the trip are second to none and in my opinion what make the trip with Jungle Treks a must. Be sure to have a great mental and physical fitness so that the trip is enjoyable!

      Juan C
    • Camino Real with Jungle Treks/Ancon Expeditions in Panama

      Reviewed 09 February 2018

      For anyone who wants a physically rigorous challenge and an emotionally expanding, glorious wilderness experience in the tropics, this trip is for you! The challenges are all of the intended sort - dealing with nature's fickle ways and sore muscles, NOT from poor communication, preparation, or unreliable hosts. Both Ancon Expeditions and Jungle Treks are top notch in terms of reliability, accuracy, and preparedness. In other words, very professional, and very experienced. I went on the trek in January of 2018 as a solo traveler. There were three other people who signed up for the trek, two guides, and three porters who helped carry food, cooking supplies and communal equipment. I was the pacesetter for our group, in that I was the slowest one, but was never made to feel anxious or inadequate because of it. It was hard work for me! I also speak a trivial amount of Spanish, and this was never the least bit of a handicap. Any worry I had prior to the trip about being adequately prepared was allayed by excellent equipment lists and communication beforehand. I really can't think of any way Jungle Treks could improve the experience. I booked through Ancon Expeditions, which has multiple adventure options throughout Panama, and is a first class organization, and you can also book directly through Jungle Treks. For four days, you get to see the tropical rainforest in all its beauty, spot the occasional exciting animal (monkey...birds....insect...reptile), visit places only accessible by foot that must be amongst the loveliest locations on our very lovely planet, swim in warm rivers, sleep in (very comfortable!) hammocks, and enjoy the camaraderie that develops in any group that spends the day hiking over hills, slogging through the mud, sweating like gangbusters, pulling wet and heavy boots back on every morning, and eating a much-appreciated meal together. I guess the best thing I can say is that as soon as I was home, I started thinking about how much I wanted to return and have another go! Next year, maybe...

      Nancy R

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