BlueBay Grand Esmeralda All Inclusive

Km 300 Carretera Federal Chetumal - Puerto Juarez. ,Playa del Carmen,Mexico

  • Experience World-class Service at BlueBay Grand Esmeralda All Inclusive

    Located on the beach in the Riviera Maya district of Playa del Carmen, this all-inclusive hotel offers private beach access, an on-site spa, and several specialty restaurants. The rooms at BlueBay Grand Esmeralda overlook the sea, and include satellite TV. They are equipped with a minibar and safety deposit box. Guests can enjoy water sports such as snorkeling and windsurfing at this Playa del Carmen resort. A gym and sauna are located on the property. A game room and kids club are available. The shops and restaurants of Playa del Carmen’s Fifth Avenue are only 15 minutes from BlueBay Grand Esmeralda. Cancun is less than an hour from this resort.


    • Airport Shuttle
    • Fitness Facility
    • Internet
    • Parking
    • Pets Allowed
    • Restaurant
    • Swimming Pool
    • Laundry Services
    • Television
    • Non Smoking
    • Spa
    • Bar
    • Currency Exchange
    • Business Center
    • Breakfast
    • Childcare Service
    • Lounge
  • reviews


      Reviewed 03 October 2019

      really nice place,Yesica is wonderful and helpful,food and drinks fantastic .room was very cleangood service. weather was great just a little rain at night. Yesica booked my dinner appointments every day like clock work. always a nice smile and very pleasant to deal with.

    • 5***** joke

      Reviewed 03 October 2019

      Well what a place not, nothing as described when booking or online pictures, staff are rude and unprofessional, only one safe pool to use as one is being refurb and the other you will cut yourself, food was absolutely terrible which is poor considering Ive stayed at other hotels in Mexico and its always been great, and now for the beautiful beach they described so so untrue lurking under the water are tree roots, coral all other the sand and a complete state . Watch out for Cesar selling excursion you pay only for private taxi and not entry fees scum bag. Hotel rooms are in a poor state alarm goes of three time a night. Concierge staff very rude and unhelpful to the English from what I saw and experienced myself. TUI rep had no idea of the state of beach area unbelievable. And now for the gift shop going to cost you a fortune to buy anything for sample 18 for 3 bags of crisp. Wouldnt dream of staying here again and never a 5***** hotel mor like 3*** terrible place

      Wayne L
    • Not a 5* hotel!

      Reviewed 29 September 2019

      This is the first review I have ever written and believe me its needed. My partner and I stayed here for two weeks and as much as we loved Mexico we wouldnt stay in this hotel again. I believe because we are a young couple in our mid 20s we were taken advantage of by the hotel. We tried to make a complaint about our room due to how unsafe we felt. We were on the bottom floor and the patio door was stuck and only held together with a piece of wood. Once we brought it to the attention of the concierge Carlos at the front entrance of the hotel, he was very rude and condescending. He pretty much laughed at us and made it clear he didnt want to hear our concerns. Stay away from the time share agents as they also do their own on the side scams that Im pretty sure the hotel know about. They claim they can do better deals for you on excursions through them directly but this is false. They give you a great deal but forget to mention you are only paying for a private car to the excursions you still have to pay into each site which is not what they pitch you to begin with. Luckily for us a couple pre warned us after we gave the guy our money and we had to chase him down to get our money back. Its incredibly noisy in the hotel. We stayed in block six with an alarm going off at least three times a day sometimes during the night or early morning. We brought this to Carlos also and he knew of the alarm but again laughed it off and shrugged his shoulders. Security guards had a chill spot beside our room which they would sit at throughout the night. I could hear everything even the clicking of their lighters. Along with the extremely early morning carts that made their way around the hotel from 7:30am. The aim of the hotel is to get you as drunk as possible to enjoy your holiday. In doing this though you cant even enjoy the drinks they put that much alcohol in that you cant enjoy it. My partner drinks gin and tonic and they literally filled the glass more than half way with gin and put a little tonic in making the drink undrinkable. Its also important to know that the hotel do not allow any outside excursion pick ups into the hotel you have to walk to the gate to get the buses if you book outside the hotel. We lost a lot of money because they wouldnt let our transport into the hotel even though we were standing waiting for it. The driver asked the security staff to let us know he was there and they wouldnt do it even though we were beside them. It wasnt until the bus left that we found this out. I also got incredibly sick after eating some fruit from the main buffet. It was difficult for me to leave the room. My partner went and asked if he could bring some toast to me in the room because I was so sick and he wanted to get me something dry to eat and they refused to let him take anything but fruit even though it was the fruit that made me so Ill. On the plus side, we met and amazing Canadian couple and an amazing Irish/Scottish couple who really made our holiday. The buffet regardless of me getting sick was good due to the amazing friendly staff. The other restaurants were not as good. The steak and the seafood was our favourite but the french was horrible and we had a horrible waiter. I was actually sick after that food too but not as bad as the fruit. There is a lovely lagoon ten minutes to the left of the hotel and there are plenty of seating around the pool so you never had to worry about trying to reserve a spot. The wild life is amazing if you like animals. I never got tired of seeing the animals around the hotel they always cheered me up. Our TUI reps where also amazing and helped us enjoy as much as we could of our holiday as we could. Also I have to say the doctor at the resort is amazing he is so friendly and not expensive at all. I took a bad allergic reaction to the mosquito bites and he did everything he could and really helped me. As much as the doctor is cheap if you need anything other things such as pain killers or even snacks the shop is extortionate. You would need to be incredibly rich to afford the things in there. A big shout out to the photography group though they take amazing pictures and are very friendly. All in all, after this huge rant, I would definitely go back to Mexico but I would not go back to this hotel. This hotel is NOT A 5* HOTEL!!!

      Annierose K
    • Nice hotel and great food

      Reviewed 27 September 2019

      This hotel is very well kept and very clean. The food in the main dinning room is passable but not out of this world. On the other hand the food in all the specialist restaurants is brilliant, well served and well cooked. Staff are very friendly and very helpful. The rooms are clean and functional and well used. The beach is a disgrace and should not even be called a beach, there is very little of it left, most of it is washed away. Would we return -- yes just for the food :)

    • Sept 19

      Reviewed 27 September 2019

      On arrival, reception was slow and check in ok. Had to dodge the hard sell for time share meeting and daily reminders that we needed to be interested in it. Taken to the room by very nice bellboy on the golf cart. These buggies go around the estate all day and into the evening and will take you to the beach pool etc - just wait at the bust stops. The room itself was large and clean, however the hotel needs serious review from a safety perspective. Maintenance in the hotel itself is poor we shut and locked the door on the first night on returning to our room, went to bed with no concerns until we could not get out of the room the following morning. It took two calls to reception to get anyone up to resolve the issues by which time we had managed to unjam the lock which they then said was loose and would change whilst we were out- don't believe that they did and did not trust it after that.. It meant that from that point on we did not turn the lock on the door as being on the fourth floor there was no way out if the door jammed again if there was a fire. Every room seemed to have a connecting door to the room next door - not locked - had to wedge things against this to block it. The walls were paper thin - we had the joy of listening to people in the next rooms being violently sick on several occasions amongst other noisy occurrences in the rooms and corridors day and night - every day and night.. The patio door lock had obviously been changed several times - was loose. There is also the issue around all of the pools these are a disgrace. The ceramic tiles are broken, chipped and in some cases split, all leaving sharp dangerous edges. There were daily injuries to childrens feet, adult elbows etc. There followed a series of people attending including the beach paramedic, form filling etc then a maintenance man with a bucket of putty who was pointed in the direction of the offending tile when he then covered the sharp bit. There are broken ceramic tiles across all areas of the pool they do not do anything unless someone complains and then only fix the specific bit they are everywhere in the main pool near the beach. The pool near block 6/7 was a little better but the steps were very slippery and I witnessed two people fall through slipping on the steps; not injured but definitely bruised. The beach was not user friendly - the hotel is doing its best to rebuild the beach by pumping in sand from the seabed but this is also bringing with it a lot of stones and murk - definitely not the beautiful blue ocean it used to be and there are a lot of limestone rocks lurking on the beach and in the water so wear beach shoes. The seaweed is nature at work and had largely cleared when we were there but every now and again you would get a surge and odour thatt came with it. Mould on curtains air conditioning cannot be controlled either as cold a freezer or off nothing in between. This was ok after a hot day in the sun but at 4am in the morning the only escape from it was the balcony - I saw some fabulous sun rises every day because there really was no way to stay in the room as the chill factor was numbing. Shower: shower door had a huge gap at the hinge points so water escaped on ceramic tiles on the floor could not see it but a huge slip hazard as we found out when we discovered the problem , by slipping on water that had gone from the bathroom into the room. There is a safe in the room which we did not use as it was clear that it had been accessed in the first day. Instead we locked things of value into a coded suitcase and ensured it was secured, also interfered with as numbers had clearly been rolled on when checked on return to the room, almost daily. An open suitcase had a valueless leather bracelet left in it and that did go missing. Every morning after day 2 at least 3 people knocking on the door and enter if they don't hear you - not impressed when in the shower to hear people entering (note we could not lock door as above) first you hear 'room check', then fridge fill and finally room clean - however if we left the room early the room had not been cleaned when we returned at around 11am so thought that was odd. Food options were very good as was the quality. Staff very good generally however the constant attempt to get people to buy into the time share VIP membership was tiresome. Lots of lovely wildlife on the estate and the grounds were wonderful and well kept. The area around the main pool near the beach has a lot of Coatis who clearly enjoy a drink (alcoholic or otherwise) no real issue with this except that the glasses are handwashed, left soapy and not sure that you are not sharing Coati saliva as well - recommend take your own drink bottle to top up.The shop however is hugely overpriced and has prices that vary wildly - 3 day, 3 packs of the same cigarettes three different prices, but then you are so far away from any other shop they know people will pay. Same with snacks and anything else. There was a several times daily offer to have spa treatments but I understand that as the spa burned down some time ago the spa is actually in one of the rooms - we didn't use that service but they don't tell you that when it is being offered. One thing that was particularly irritating was seeing animals being exploited around the hotel every day - a squirrel monkey, an Iguana and what they referred to as the Mexican chickens - (macaw parrots) - being handled quite roughly by a handler with the hotel photographer badgering people all day to have photos taken with them. The animation team are excellent and keep people entertained day and night up to about 10pm. The main bar - Black and White is open and busy but very hot as it does not have air con, only ceiling fans - it is also mosquito heaven. This hotel is a long way from anything - its on a busy main road which is not pedestrian friendly, so you will need to use cabs which can be pricey or the shuttle bus which goes at specific times and is also charged. If you walk to the entrance to meet transport for an excursion prepare for a very long walk as they will not allow pickups from the lobby and they have to wait at the main gate. This was not the hotel advertised in terms of standard but we made the best of it and with care re safety and security, enjoyed the holiday. On the whole the people were lovely and did their best but there are so many reviews either similar or worse so it is dissapointing that the owners have not addressed the obviously common concerns and it is such a shame because it is such a beautiful estate and you can imagine how this hotel must have been when it was first opened.

      Wendy L

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