Allaportaccanto Bed and Breakfast

Via Secondino Pagano 7,Cassino,Italy

  • Experience World-class Service at Allaportaccanto Bed and Breakfast

    Allaportaccanto Bed & Breakfast is a bed and breakfast located in Cassino. Featuring a shared lounge, the bed and breakfast has air-conditioned rooms with free WiFi. Rooms have a balcony. At the bed and breakfast every room is equipped with a desk, a flat-screen TV and a private bathroom. The rooms will provide guests with a wardrobe and a coffee machine. An Italian breakfast can be enjoyed in the breakfast area. Roccaraso is 45 km from Allaportaccanto Bed & Breakfast. The nearest airport is Naples International Airport, 78 km from the accommodation.


    • Internet
    • Restaurant
    • Laundry Services
    • Television
    • Non Smoking
    • Bar
    • Breakfast
  • reviews

    • Inhospitable host

      Reviewed 31 May 2019

      If you speak Italian, are white, and don't have much luggage, this is the place for you. For me, it was one of the weirdest experiences I've had. I think they are a rich and proud family that has rented out part of their apartment, but look down on hospitality or helping others as servitude, and think other people (guests) look down on them if they help in any way. They basically don't like helping others. In which case - don't rent out rooms in your apartment, or don't have a hotel with foreign travelers in part of your home. Also she is kind of racist, which I thought - maybe Italians are like that in small towns -- because she was very nice to all the white people who stayed there, and I'm a younger non-white woman. There are various "Mammy" decorations around the kitchen. Anyway, there is nothing surprising about that, and usually you just ignore it and do what you have to do in a place like that. The host was very rude. At first she chalked it up to not speaking English. But then it continued at every step over 1 week. I went during the 75th Anniversary of Monte Cassino WW2 comemorations, so there were no other rooms available in town. Cassino is a small town. When I emailed, the host emailed back in English each time, so I assumed someone spoke English. However, when I arrived, the host did not speak English. This was fine for me, as I've been traveling for 42 years all over the world, including frequent pensiones - even in the 1980's and 1990's when hardly anyone spoke English in continental Europe small towns. However, the nature of the 75th Anniversary is that many British people and other English-speakers flock to Cassino for a few weeks. So it's not really "strange" to have English-speakers in Cassino. Most young people there speak English. Then it got bizarre. There are 2 1/2 flights of steps, but there is also an elevator. I had come for a film festival and a one-week shoot, so I had one big bag and one work carry-on. I had also been in the hospital for several health problems over the last few years, including a back injury. I asked the host via google translate - if there was anyone to help with the bag. She flipped out for my asking. I asked if I could use the elevator, and she said - no, it's only for the upstairs floors. Then I was communicating to her via google and explaining that I had been in the hospital, etc, could she call someone to help and I would give them some cash? She again flipped out. Then I went down to the street to see if anyone could help, as there is a caffe' with many young people on the corner. But it was empty, although it was 5pm on a Sunday. Plus I thought that's not so safe - to ask a random person from the street to help and go into this apartment, since I was also a woman traveling alone. Then I was debating if I should start emptying the bag downstairs and carrying things up one by one, but that seemed ridiculous. So I looked online and there was nowhere else available to stay in Cassino. I had an extra reservation for my camera guy at another pension, but the person did not respond until 4 hours later, and I would have had to move to a new hotel 1/2 way through the very hectic week. Then an older couple came up the stairs. So the man asked why the Host was yelling and screaming. So I explained that I needed some help with one bag, could he help me? So without hesitation, he said sure. I meant, that I could even hold half of the bag, but he insisted on carrying it. Then the Host Anna completely flipped out and started telling him No - not to help me with the bag, and started talking him out of it. This made no sense to me, as the man was ok with it. He was very nice, he helped anyway, and asked when I was supposed to check out, and that he would help me carry it down again at the end of the week. But Anna kept yelling. And I got weirded out by the whole situation. So it was just dead silence for almost 5 whole minutes, while she caught her breath. I didn't know if I wanted to stay after all that. But I couldn't find any other rooms online. Then I had been traveling for 6 or 7 hours door to door, and needed to use the bathroom. However, she refused to let me use the bathroom until I paid for the whole week. Mind you, she had already charged my credit card for that night for the deposit. So what is the big deal about letting me use the bathroom that I had already paid for? I was signaling to her that I had to poop with my hand gestures. She didn't care. It got so bad with us shouting, that the British couple who were staying there came out to see what was going on, and if they could help. Then Anna put her daughter on the phone, who said that, "The man (who helped with the bag) is my uncle, not a porter." Which again clarified - that they are a family who don't like to help people, and look down on it. I frankly didn't understand what is so "degrading" about helping another person - a traveler from another country - if you run a BnB in your home. Then her son got on the phone, and insisted that I either pay for the week up front or leave immediately. Her kids were in Rome. So finally I paid for the week, totally freaked out and not sure what the hell was going to happen next. I got the key, and used the bathroom. The rooms are nice. They look as they do in the photos. The bathrooms was newly renovated. There is a balcony. It is centrally located, and walking distance to many restaurants. I was there for work, and there was a good desk I could use. The common living room area has pre-packaged snacks, yogurt, a coffee machine, and water. There is also a couch, balcony, and dining table. I had a room with two small beds put together. Later that night, around bed time, I was freezing. I was recovering from the flu and had a slight fever. It was still winter weather, though it was May. I had to wear my winter coat out when I left for dinner. It rained most of the week. I was wearing several layers including a hooded sweatshirt, and I was still cold. I opened the closet, and there were some cases higher than I could reach. But when I opened them, they didn't contain blankets. Most places keep extra pillows and blankets in the closet. So I called Anna. Anna usually sets the table for breakfast around 10pm, and it was around that time. So she was still awake. She was again pissed off that I had a question. She was pissed off that I opened the closet - which she had said I could hang my clothes in. She was pissed off that I slept in the Right Hand bed - which did not have 1 heavier sheet under the bed cover, not on the Left Hand side bed. I just chose the right hand bed because it was closer to the window. I did not check the sheets condition of both beds prior to choosing. But still, there was no heavy blanket for the winter weather. So she grudgingly gave me one from one of the closets. Major attitude problem. I have never had anyone grudging because their guest was cold and asked for another blanket. The next day, I had to be at one event before dawn. I left very early at 4:30am. Allaportaccanto was a central location to meet my camera people. I was invited by one of the other Allaportaccanto BnB guests, a friendly British couple. When I came back, it was breakfast time, and Anna was like a different person with the British couple. She was very nice to them. She looked at all their photos. Then she apologized to me through them for not speaking English. However, the rudeness towards me continued for the rest of the week. Later that day, I wanted to go see the famous Abbey of Monte Cassino, which is the number one tourist site. I asked Anna, and she said, "All the information is online." Jee -- thanks for the tip! I had obviously checked online, but it isn't clear how to reach the Abbey, how far it is from town, or anything. There are signs for a Tourist Info, but I walked around Cassino for almost an hour, and I couldn't find it. No one knew where it was. I stopped at a couple of caffe's but no one knew. I stopped at two small hotels, but they just spoke through the buzzer and did not help. I asked a nunnery hostel, and they didn't know. I thought surely the nunnery would know how to reach the Abbey, but I guess everyone there has a Car. Cassino is not really set up for tourists in that way. Then it started raining. Then I kept asking people on the street, as I read on TripAdvisor that one of the hotels was near the bus that went to the Abbey. Finally a woman on the street told me how to use the 1 Euro public bus to reach the Abbey, but that it only runs three times a day. So I had already missed 2 times by afternoon. She said it didn't run the 5pm bus on Mondays. So finally, I went back to Allaportaccanto. I looked up the taxi service listed in the living room. I called. Then I got in the taxi. Half way up the mountain he told me it was 25 Euros one way. The mountain is massive -- it's 12 km at least by a winding road - to the Abbey, and the various Cemetaries and Sites at the top of the hill are in other directions. It was getting late around 5pm, and I didn't want to be stuck on top of the mountain when the Abbey closed at 7pm. So I asked the taxi driver to stay for me to go back down. They said it was 50 Euros round trip to the Abbey, or 75 Euros if they stay and wait for you to take a one hour tour! By that time, there were no Tours. So I quickly scouted out the Abbey, and went back down within 20 minutes. However, I would recommend a good hour there. I went back later during the week to interview various people. I have no idea if you want to combine the Abbey and the Polish Cemetary and some other sites, it may be 100 Euros! After that, my camera crew friends took me around. Then on the last night, we had been shooting all day and didn't really eat lunch. So I picked up a pizza and brought it back while downloading footage at the dining table with my camera guys. It was 8:30pm, not that late, and all the other guests were out for dinner. So I would try to tell Anna if my camera guys were coming for half an hour or whatever, because we had to do work. So I was respecting her space, etc. Both of those guys were from Cassino. So then Anna sees me eating pizza out of the pizza box. I mean - it's a take out pizza, isn't that normal? Then 10 minutes later, she makes a huge fuss that the white pizza box has left a slight white mark on the table. Literally it was less than 1cm of a white smudge. As if I broke her table in half or something. A thing that can be easily cleaned up with a napkin or sponge. The rest of the week I saw that she was really nice to anyone who spoke Italian or older white people. Then I thought - maybe that's how Italians are. But all the other places I've stayed over the last few weeks, people have been really nice, helpful, and hospitable. So it confirmed it is a problem with this person or place.

    • Wonderful B&B in the heart of Cassino.

      Reviewed 09 March 2019

      Small and extremely friendly B&B. Spotlessly clean, rooms are spacious and very comfortable. The owner couldn't do enough for us - even made a lunch booking for us! Situated in the centre of Cassino and very handy for station etc Highly recommended!

    • Wie bei Mama :)

      Reviewed 08 May 2019

      Wunderhbsche, gemtliche Unterkunft, die mit ganz viel Liebe betrieben wird! Zum Frhstck gibt es frische Cornetti und typische italienische se Sachen, aber auch Toast und einen Khlschrank, sodass man sich etwas dazu machen kann, wenn einem Salziges fehlt. Auch eine Kaffemaschine, Milchaufschumer und Wasserkocher stehen bereit! Es ist super sauber und man findet alles, was man braucht oder kann fragen. Die Lage ist direkt an der Piazza, also the place to be im Ort ;)

    • Przyjemny apartament w centrum Cassino

      Reviewed 02 April 2019

      Bardzo adny, duy apartament.w centrum miasta.Smaczne niadania.Dobra kawa.wietny punkt na nocleg w drodze midzy Rzymem a Neapolem.Sympatyczna wacicielka (pani Anna).Moe by problem z parkowaniem auta przed budynkiem.

      Grzegorz R
    • B&B piacevole e raffinato

      Reviewed 03 September 2018

      Abbiamo pernottato per una notte come tappa prima del rientro, 2 camere confortevoli ed arredate con gusto. Una delle camere aveva il bagno sicuramente pi nuovo con una doccia ampia ed arredo moderno. L'altro bagno un po' pi datato ma comunque funzionale. Colazione varia ed abbondante nella sala da pranzo condivisa con eventuali altri ospiti (la struttura ha n. 3 camere). Ubicazione centrale vicino alla zona pedonale con diverse scelte per cena/pranzo. Molto gentile e disponibile la signora Anna Teresa, vero valore aggiunto di questo b&b. Spero ci sia l'opportunita di ritornare. Complimenti.

      guido m

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