All Seasons Motel

112 Main Street,Ludlow,United States

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  • reviews

    • great burger place in the heart of culver city

      Reviewed 16 June 2019

      this is a really good and simple burger place in the heart of culver city. it is very simple with 2 to 4 top tables inside and several large communal tables outside. you order from one of the registers at the bar, take a number and then your order is brought to you when ready. the food comes as is...there are non deletions or substitutions at all. the burger comes only the way it is listed on the menu. you only select the temperature of the burger. and if you want ketchup on your burger or for your fries..good luck. this time i came prepared and brought my own ketchup packets...their fries are so good you need ketchup to fully enjoy them. the beer selection is incredible. a beer for every pallet imaginable. this is the perfect low key place for lunch or dinner. stop by for a burger then take a stroll and look at the many cool shops that surround the place.

      Jack V
    • Happening

      Reviewed 20 April 2019

      Duck confit Salad Just order it Roasted beets were good And the pork Belly. Yummm Lovely cocktails Great selection of beer on tap. Order your food at the bar.

    • NOT a restaurant

      Reviewed 24 March 2019

      This place is not a restaurant. A restaurant has someone who welcomes you when you arrive and shows you to a table. This place has a buffoon at the door who tells you that it is "free seating", which means that you have to find your own table and elbow other potential takers out of the way to sit at it, as the establishment refuses to take the responsibility of noting in what order customers arrive. A restaurant has serving staff, who take your order and periodically make sure that you are enjoying the food. At this place you have to order your food at the bar (a fact that the buffoon at the entrance failed to mention, so when we finally got a table we sat there for 20 minutes without menus, being studiously ignored by the staff). A restaurant will ask you how you want your food, and will be happy to adapt a dish to avoid poisoning customers with allergies. At this place, they refuse to even remove the onions from a burger. My wife, who is allergic to onions, was told that the only dishes on their menu that would be safe for her to eat would be the salad and the mushrooms. Needless to say we left, and we will never be coming back. No, this place is not a restaurant. It is a raucous bar peddling ludicrously overpriced beers, with a dictator in the kitchen (or nothing but a range of microwaves warming up vacuum-packed meals). If you want to dine in any comfort, steer well clear.

    • This Place is a Joke

      Reviewed 23 March 2019

      I notice that back in 2015 this restaurant had a Certificate of Excellence. The only way they could get one now is if the certificates are for sale. This is--hands down--the worst restaurant I've been to IN THE WORLD. The only people we saw here were drinkers who were into beer and trendiness. Sad. People who have to frequent a place like this... What can I say? Food that clearly comes out of a plastic bag and is microwaved or thrown together in the kitchen [why else do they not allow you to leave the cheese off your burger?] and a service staff that is nonexistent because, like McDonalds, you stand in line to pay for your food before you get it. Why? If they had you pay AFTER eating--like any decent restaurant--you might refuse because of the quality!! I don't write many reviews, and most of mine are for very good places... but had to save people from making the mistake of darkening the door of this pathetic excuse for a restaurant.

    • Disappointing....despite solid food

      Reviewed 19 February 2019

      Start with the good...the food I had was solid (nothing incredible) ....albeit a bit overpriced. The real problem was the environment (loud music/noise during lunch) and their absurd policy of not accommodating changes to dishes even for member of our party was left with almost nothing to eat since they refused to even leave items like arugula or sauces off of items. I understand being proud of your recipes...another to leave millions of people with allergies unable to dine with friends. Also if youre going to do least have better food.


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